• Susannah Burrows, Ex-Section Representative Chemical-Physical-Technical Section, PhDnet (2009).  Susannah is doing her Ph.D. in atmospheric physics at the MPI for Chemistry in Mainz.
  • Leonard Burtscher, Ex-Spokesperson Max Planck PhDnet (2009). Leonard is doing his Ph.D. at the MPI for Astronomy (MPIA) in Heidelberg.
  • Axinja Hachfeld (axinjah), Ex-Section Representative Humanities, PhDnet (2009). Axinja is doing her Ph.D. at the MPI for Human Development in Berlin.
  • Jan Hänisch, Network coordinator of the Helmholtz Juniors.
  • Dr. Marcus Müller (nesmin), President of THESIS e.V.

All texts on this blog reflect the personal opinions of the authors, not neccessarily those of their employers, funding agencies, or the organisations they happen to belong to.


One Response to Authors

  1. Gabriel says:


    I am currently almost finished with my MS degree in sport science at the University of Delaware. I have recently developed an agreement with a biomechanist at the University of Konstanz to collaborate this summer for my MS thesis project. I have also inquired about PhD studies with him post graduation in December (2010).

    I am married and I just found out that my wife is 6 weeks pregnant. Besides the great opportunity to study in Germany with a great biomechanist I am concerned about finances. The program director at Konstanz mentioned he would have to write a grant if I were to take on the doctoral program at his laboratory. I have read some information from the DAAD webpage about monthly stipends for grants of about 1,000 euros. Is this a typical monthly stipend or can it be more depending on the department you are working with? What are some ways to make a bit more money to ensure the ability to “pay the bills”?

    Any reply is appreciated.

    Thank you,


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